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Health Check Up

Our comprehensive health check-ups are designed to monitor your overall well-being and detect potential health issues early.

b12 injection shutterstock_2187528537.jpg
B12 Consultation

Experience the benefits of B12 consultations with our expert team to boost your energy levels and support your overall health.

Ear Wax Removal
Ear Care

Prioritize your ear health with our specialized ear care services, ensuring optimal hearing and ear canal hygiene.

iv therapy.jpg
IV Therapy - Vitamin C 

Explore the benefits of IV therapy for a boost in hydration and essential nutrients to support your overall vitality.

Blood Test
Blood Tests

Our precise blood tests provide valuable insights into your health, allowing for personalized recommendations and early disease detection.

Video Consultation
E-Consultation (video call)

We also offer video consultation calls to discuss your health needs.

Call and Follow up calls available.

indian head massage.jpg
Indian Head Massage

Indulge in relaxation and rejuvenation with our Indian head massage, which promotes stress relief and mental clarity.

Relaxing with Music
Quantum Bioresonance Frequency Therapy (QBT)

Experience the groundbreaking potential of Quantum Bioresonance Frequency Therapy (QBT) to harmonize your body's energy and promote overall well-being.

reflex image.jpg

Experience the therapeutic benefits of reflexology, a holistic treatment that focuses on improving your physical and mental health.


Discover mindfulness techniques to enhance your mental well-being, reduce stress, and promote a balanced, calm mindset.

Fresh Produce
Nutrition Consultation with Annie Seeley, BSc (Hons) RNutr

Annie offers nutrition advice for individuals and families who want to eat healthier and improve their health in an holistic way that suits their individual lifestyle. 

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