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About Us

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Discover the difference.

Since 2017, Annie Barr has continued to explore alternative healthcare solutions and has recently in 2023 established "health, well-being and training hubs" throughout the UK. The hubs provide solutions for clients who want a different personalised approach. Annie believes that the client should be in charge of their own health and well-being. Our Clinicians are made up of Doctors, Consultants, Nurses, Advanced Practitioners, Paramedics, Nutritionists and Chiropractors. there are a number of services on offer such as health check ups, B12 consultations, ear syringing, blood tests and more.

Our Team.

Our dedicated team at AB Health Hub is a diverse and highly skilled group of professionals committed to your well-being. From experienced medical experts overseeing health check-ups and B12 consultations to our knowledgeable staff facilitating blood tests, as well as complementary therapies like Indian head massage and reflexology, we work together to provide you with the highest quality care. Meet the individuals who are passionate about your health and ready to guide you on your journey to wellness.

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