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Quantum Bioresonance Frequency Therapy (QBT)

Relaxing with Music

Frequency Therapy £255 (can be done remotely)

How it works

The voice is recorded either face to face or remotely or a brain scanner can be used for those people who cannot talk or when brain is traumatised and stressed.  


A link is sent to you and then you can listen to the recording (balance file) anywhere.  The balance file can be accessed on a smart phone or computer/tablet.  We suggest you listen at least 3 times a day over 6 weeks using a headset (guidelines regarding headsets are provided).


The balance file is created to address emotional imbalances alongside scanning comparing against a database of over 40,000 conditions and diseases.​

If you listen on your phone you must use airplane mode.


Support during the fist 6 weeks in included in the package.



After 6 weeks we rescan and check the improvements.

Rescan after initial 6 weeks therapy £125


Continuation of Therapy

Continue with another Sound File after 6 weeks £200

Schedule online. It's easy, fast and secure.

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