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Take control of your health.

Health Check-ups, B12 Consultations, Blood Tests and Complimentary Therapies at AB Health Hub.

Health Check Up from £99! 

AB Health Hub

Established by Annie Barr MBE, AB Health Hub pioneers alternative healthcare solutions throughout the UK with a network of "health, well-being, and training hubs." Championing a personalised approach to care, we believe in empowering clients to take charge of their health.   At AB Health Hub, it's all about ensuring that healthcare is tailored, comprehensive, and centred around you.

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Taking care of your health

Discover the difference

We understand that health and well-being isn't a one-size-fits-all solution. Our mission has always been clear: to provide alternative healthcare solutions tailored to you. Today, we've become a sanctuary for those who believe in a distinct, personalized approach to health.

Empowerment in your right

"Your health, your choices." Annie Barr

Our philosophy is simple: you should be the steward of your own health and well-being. We're here not to dictate, but to guide and support you on your unique health journey.

Meet our Clinicians

A diverse team for diverse needs. Whether you're seeking medical advice, nutritional guidance, or chiropractic care, our experienced team of Doctors, Consultants, Nurses, Advanced Practitioners, Paramedics, Nutritionists, and Chiropractors are here to serve you.

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Cellular health. Rooted in redox, fueled by innovation 
ASEA has taken off as a global powerhouse built on our unique foundation of our life-changing redox products. These products tap into your bodies' own biology to support cellular health and wellness in previously unimaginable ways.
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Revitalize with AB Health's Vitamin Patches!

Struggling with low energy due to vitamin deficiencies? Forget countless tablets! Boost your well-being with our innovative transdermal patches. Easy application, optimal absorption. Rediscover energy and balance with essential B12, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Zinc, and Magnesium. Choose a better way to wellness today! 

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