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Quantum Bioresonance Frequency Therapy

  • 1 h
  • 255 British pounds
  • London, Fitzroy Square|Gateshead, Long Rigg Road|Passage West|Jedburgh, Exchange Street

Service Description

A balance file is created to address these emotional imbalances along with scanning against a database of over 40,000 conditions, illnesses, and dis-eases. Where necessary frequency files from this database are added to your balance file. I then send the balance file to your phone, tablet or laptop for you to listen to 3+ times a day. Consistency and commitment is key, and it has to be listened on airplane mode.

Cancellation Policy

The Quantum Bioresonance Therapy system does not constitute a medical diagnosis or medical treatment. Nor does QBT claim to be a replacement for medical diagnosis or treatment. The program is not a medical instrument. Can be applied as a supplement to (para)medical or complementary therapy. Preferably, this is done in consultation with the practitioner(s). It is the responsibility of the customer to inform their practitioners of any current (parallel) treatment. The practitioner using the QBT program declares that they will only use the QBT program with the approval of the person that is being analysed. For payments online and cash on the day payments: to cancel appointment, please contact us at least 48 hours before to receive a full refund. If it's less than 48 hours, there would be no refund. If you pay on PayPal and cancel at any time you will be responsible for the admin charge from PayPal.

Contact Details

  • 10 Fitzroy Square, London, UK

    0333 335 0044

  • Metropolitan House, Long Rigg Road, Swalwell, Gateshead, UK

    0333 335 0044

  • Passage West, County Cork, Ireland

    0333 335 0044

  • 11 Exchange Street, Jedburgh, UK

    0333 335 0044

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